Listen. – Bali

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The Project

What happens when we take a deep breath and just listen? Listen to what our surroundings are trying to tell us. I think you would be really amazed at what you can hear if we would sometimes just take a break and take it all in. This idea is explored in this Travel film we shot in Bali, Indonesia. Over the course of one month, we traveled across this beautiful island and shot as much as we could. Our director Calvin however, wanted to add something to it, and decided to shoot this film on Super 8 film cartridges. It gives it a unique and nostalgic feeling, almost as if trying to say that before technology we were more susceptible to hearing what our surroundings are trying to teach us.

Travel film

Production: CREDIA Production
Director: Calvin Yearsley
Editor: Calvin Yearsley
Talent: Enya Stegmann
Shot in Bali – Indonesia